Women’s Vocal Ensemble · Mitchell Covington, Artistic Director

Past Seasons

May 2017

				is the World

November 2016

				Playlist: Celebrating 25 Years!

May 2016

Songs of the
				Bygone: Traces of a Vanishing World

November 2015

Celestial Bodies: The
				Beauty of Distant Things

May 2015

Women with a Vision: the 
				lasting influence of Hildegard von Bingen and Nadia Boulanger

November 2014

Voices in Peace
				XIII: Birth and Beginnings

May 2014

Songs to Live By: A
				banquet of songs to feed the soul

November 2013

Voices in Peace XII: 
				Reflections on Home

May 2013

Mighty Aphrodite: Music
				of Romantic Desire

December 2012

Voices in Peace XI:
				Midwinter’s Idyll

March 2012

The River Has Many
				Voices: Voci’s 20th Anniversary Retrospective

December 2011

Viva Voci! Music of Joy and Peace (House Recital)

May 2011

Fyre Burn and Cauldron
				Bubble: Music of Seers, Sorcerors, and Sprites

December 2010

Voices in Peace X: The Place of the Blest

May 2010

Songs Eternity: Musical Contemplations on Time and Space

December 2009

Voices in Peace IX: The Greenest Branch

May 2009

Mountains of Memory, Rivers of Time

December 2008

Voices in Peace VIII: Fire in the Air

Spring 2008

Laudate Pueri: Baroque and Classical Music for Treble Voices

December 2007

Voices in Peace VII: Winter Stillness

May 2007

Songs of Heavenly and Earthly Love: Celebrating the Hungarian Vocal Tradition

December 2006

Voices in Peace VI: Music of Passion, Mystery and Joy From the Americas

May-June 2006

Prelude to Aphrodesia

December 2005

Voices in Peace V: Psalms and Canticles of Praise and Comfort

May 2005

Listen to the Elements: Music of Earth, Water, Air and Fire

December 2004

Voices in Peace IV: Litanies and Lullabies
Music to calm and inspire us on the path to peace

May 2004

Songlines: From Generation to Generation

December 2003

Voices in Peace III: The Promise of Peace

May 2003

American Pilgrimage: A Spiritual Journey through American Choral Music

December 2002

Voices in Peace II: Choral Treasures from the Baroque Era

May 2002

Once Upon A Time: Music of Myth, Magic, and Legend

February 2002

Across the Great Wide Sea

December 2001

Voices in Peace: A Holiday Concert Celebrating Peace and Goodwill

May 2001

Songs from the Soul: A Celebration of Life, Love and the Yearning for Peace

February 2001

From the fixed place of Heaven she saw Time: A concert celebrating the Sensuous Divine

May 2000

The Slant Moon on a Slanting Hill: A Concert of 20th Century Vocal Music

December 1999

Of a Rose Sing We: A Concert of Modern and Medieval Seasonal Music

April 1999

Beneath the Whiteness of Your Stars: Musical Reflections on the Holocaust

December 1998

Voci et Organum: Sacred Music for Women’s Voices and Organ

May 1998

A Rain of Diamonds

December 1997

Within a Wintry Grove

May 1997

To be Sung on the Water

December 1996

I Sing of a Maiden

May 1996

Poetry in Song

December 1995

Candlelight and Star Glow

May 1995

Love is a Terrible Thing: 20th Century Concert

December 1994

Rejoice, Rejoice

May 1994

A Night in Old Vienna

December 1993

A Host of Angels

May 1993

A Garland of Song

December 1992

Christmas in London

May 1992

Salut Printemps!

December 1991

Carols Medieval to Modern